Celia Mei Rubin

Born to a Chinese mother from Malaysia, and a Jewish father from Long Island, I am very lucky to have led a pretty international, multi-cultural life. I was born in England in Central London, and spent the first 10 years of my life in Singapore, going to an international school and being friendly with kids from all over the world — Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, to name a few countries. I do not remember a time when I didn’t have aspirations to be a Prima Ballerina. That was my dream when I was a little girl, to dance with the New York City Ballet or the American Ballet Theater.

When I was 10, the Rubin family moved to suburban Westchester in New York — Chappaqua. I experienced being in an all-American high school, attended the School of American Ballet for a year, and participated in as many high school plays and musicals as I could. In the summer, my sister, Joyce, and I went away to a summer camp called Frenchwoods Festival and it was at camp that I was introduced to the world of musical theater. After my first summer at camp, I would lock myself in my room and sing and sing and sing and sing. I would try and emulate all the huge Broadway stars. I guess that is when I made a very big choice — I gave up my dream of being a ballerina and began to have high hopes of being a singer and an actress. My parents assumed for the longest time that I was just going through a phase!

When I was in my teens, the Rubin family moved yet again to England where I attended a Surrey based boarding school called Hurtwood House with a remarkable theater program for two years. From there, I attended London Studio Centre and graduated with a BFA in Theatre Dance. I landed my first professional job 4 months out of college and was extremely lucky and blessed to be able to work non-stop since.

After 6 years of treading the boards in London on the West End, and touring around the UK, I decided that I’d had a happy and fulfilled career in London, and it was time to try my luck in New York City! I have gone from shows where I have sung for the whole show and not pirouetted once, to shows where I have had to limber up half and hour before because I had to kick, turn, and jump non-stop. Check out my Resume page for more details on that. How wonderful it’s been to be able to have such diversity in my career. I’ve worked with my life-long idol, Jason Robert Brown, danced Jerome Robbins’ original choreography, sung on an original London cast album, and belted out Andrew Lloyd Webber songs 8 times a week. Life has been pretty rockin’! So here I am in New York, ready to tackle yet another city. I am loving my NYC journey, learning lots of lessons, and happy to be fulfilling my biggest goal of being part of a Broadway show with Matilda, The Musical.

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